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Little Inferno dev announces satirical puzzler Human Resource Machine

"Do a good job, and have fun! Management is watching."

Little Inferno developer Tomorrow Corporation has unveiled its latest game, Human Resource Machine, which is due this summer on PC and Mac.

Tomorrow Corporation is comprised of the folks who made World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth.

Like Little Inferno before it, Human Resource Machine is a satirical puzzler that cheerfully mixes the manic with melancholy.

Each level will be its own programming-based challenge as you write directives for your office worker. "Don't worry if you've never programmed before - programming is just puzzle solving," said the developer in its blog post announcing the game. "If you strip away all the 1's and 0's and scary squiggly brackets, programming is actually simple, logical, beautiful, and something that anyone can understand and have fun with!"

While Tomorrow Corporation prides itself on Human Resource Machine's accessibility, it noted that there will be extra hard "Optimisation Challenges" that rate you on program size and execution speed.

"Do a good job, and have fun! Management is watching," teased the developer.

Human Resource Machine will go for $9.99 (about £7), but pre-orders are 20 per cent off.

Here's Human Resource Machine's debut trailer, which gives us a pretty good idea of the fizzy, dreadful tone that Tomorrow Corporation is going for:

Between this, World of Goo and Little Inferno, Kyle Gabbler makes some of the best soundtracks in gaming.

For those who missed out on Little Inferno, it was a devilishly charming satirical game about children burning things to stay warm in a perpetually wintry world.

"Little Inferno's a satire, preoccupied with the systems that thread themselves through consumerism and compulsion, willingly lost inside the weird muddled thrall pulling acquisition and destruction together," our Chris Donlan pontificated in his Little Inferno review.

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