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Limited edition Medal of Honor coming

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Electronic Arts has announced a limited edition version of Medal of Honor, the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game due out this October.

Pre-order the game via the MOH website and you'll get an exclusive weapon, the MP7. You'll also be able to access the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns from day one, without having to unlock them. And all this for the same price as the regular edition.

"Access to a weapon like the MP7 will allow players to experience a tool developed with the Special Operations Community in mind," said exec producer Greg Goodrich.

"With its light weight, high rate of fire and its ability to penetrate body armor, the MP7 handles like a pistol yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle."

Medal of Honor is out on 15th October. For all the business, including previews, videos and screenshots, visit the gamepage.

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Medal Of Honor

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo GBA, PC

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