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Lightsaber spotted for Star Wars Kinect

Controller free, it is not.

Two major German shops have listed a Lightsaber peripheral for Kinect Star Wars.

The toy is Kinect-compatible and works with Microsoft's Kinect Star Wars, according to a description on online shop Promediamax (via 123 Kinect).

The Lightsaber includes light effects but no batteries.

Amazon Germany asks €16 for the Lightsaber. Promediamax asks €15.36.

There are no images of the product, but Amazon's listing mentions a release date of 17th November, which suggests the game will go on sale in the UK on Friday, 18th November.

Does this Lightsaber, if real, undermine Microsoft's vision of a controller-free future? Could it also pave the way for more bespoke Kinect game controllers?

Peter Molyneux revealed recently that there will be no swordplay in Kinect game Fable: The Journey. He said lack of physical feedback wouldn't satisfy what our brain expects when swishing a sword. "The visuals and the sound aren't enough," he said.

Sony's rival PlayStation Move controller has rumble feedback and physical substance. It also looks remarkably like a Lightsaber hilt, albeit one with a ping-pong ball on top.

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