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Lightning Returns: FF13 - Wildands boss fights, Chocobo Eater guide, Reaver guide, Caius Ballad guide, Cactair guide

From Chocobo Eaters to Caius Ballad, we'll help you beat all of the most significant enemies in the Wildlands region of Lightning Returns.

Struggling to finish some of the trickier fights in the Wildlands section of Lightning Returns? Whether you've come a cropper against the comparatively tame Chocobo Eater, or can't quite seem to whittle down the health of Cactair, we've got a guide to beating all of the Wildlands bosses first time.

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Chocobo Eater guide

The Chocobo Eater serves as a great reminder of just how useful the side quests in the game can be. If you really struggle against this enemy type, and you haven't done any questing beyond the main storyline, you should really go and get some extra stat boost rewards.

When you are ready for the fight, you should use Aerora to put it into a Stagger, then use Slayer to dish out a huge amount of damage. Perfect Guard against the creature's own attacks as often as you can and you shouldn't have too much trouble taking the enemy down.

Reaver guide

As we mentioned in the main part of our Lightning Returns walkthrough, the Reaver can be considered a useful gear-check for the rest of the game. If you can beat him soundly, you're suitably equipped. If you don't come close to beating him, you should go and polish off some side quests and Canvas of Prayers content to get some extra gear and stat power.

Focus on using spells like Blizzara, Thundara and Icespark, and packing any gear that boosts these core attacks. You shouldn't have too much trouble inducing a Stagger against the enemy, but note that the Reaver will heal up once you're finished.

Caius Ballad guide

Caius hits hard and fast with pure physical damage, so make sure you're wearing any equipment that mitigates this damage type before starting the fight. Make room for some elemental damage protection too, and keep Defaith on standby. Can you guard like a pro yet? If you can consistently pull off Perfect Guards, you will find this fight considerably easier.

"Be aware that Caius actually fights using two different combat stances."

Apart from his core damage types, you need to be aware that Caius actually fights using two different combat stances. Commando is his preferred position for delivering a violent flurry of attacks against you. This attack can actually last so long that you may well need to switch into a new Schemata to keep your blocks coming. Even if you mess everything else up, you must make sure you guard well against Eye of Bahamut - it will leave Lightning drenched in status ailments if it lands cleanly.

Assuming you're not dead at this point, you can look forward to the boss's second combat stance called Ravager. Expect elemental damage to rain down on Lightning while he charges up his core stance attack. You should be prepared for even more elemental damage when that main attack is finally unleashed.

Cactair guide

Before you can even start this fight, you'll need to dispel the sandstorm by placing a Pilgrim's Crux on the altar in Dry Floodlands. Once the storm's disappeared, you can look forward to one of Lightning Returns' more interesting boss fight mechanics.

Cactair's health pool may be very small when compared to other bosses in the game, but you can only inflict one point of damage against it with every attack you make. For this reason, it's incredibly important that you focus on attacks that use up very little of your ATB, and land multiple blows with each use. If you can inflict a Slow debuff against the enemy you'll find things much easier, as it'll slow down its counter-attacks.

Whichever tools you choose to take into battle, just make sure none of them are from the Ice class of spells. All you'll do by using this school of magic is heal your opponent, and you shouldn't go out of your way to induce a Stagger either.

You can access all the sections of our complete Lightning Returns walkthrough from the first page of this guide.

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