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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers, Pilgrim's Crux locations, Earth Eater fight

Before heading to the Final Day of Lightning Returns, use our complete walkthrough to finish up all of the Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers quests.

Those worried that the Dead Dunes content was starting to get just a little thin on the ground should be pleased with the Canvas of Prayers quests on offer. There are nearly 20 of these entertaining diversion to get stuck into, and we've got a guide to help you complete every last one of them.

Dead Dunes Canvas of Prayers walkthrough

A New Application

Difficulty:2 Stars
Items:20 x Lizard Tail
Prerequisite:Must have finished Family Food in Yusnaan
Rewards:1,600 Gil, Craftsman's Beard, Regent's Mustache, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

Don't go hunting in any particular place for the enemies who drop these Lizard Tails. Just whack any of the little lizards you see running around, and there's a good chance they'll drop one of the quest items you're after.

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A Treasure For A God

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Priest Menot
Items:3 x Pilgrim's Crux
Prerequisite:Must have finished 4-5 of the main quest
Rewards:600 Gil, Sky Blue Silk Hat, Max HP +10, Magic +1

You'll pick up quite a few of these Pilgrim's Crux items as you play through the main quest, but if you don't have enough on you to complete this side quest, try buying a few from the Crux Hunter. You can find this vendor in Ruffian, inside the main hall.

Bandit's New Weapon

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Gunsmith Mannon
Items:5 x Orange Carapace, 5 x Cactuar Doll
Prerequisite:Must have finished For My Child and Heightened Security
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Electric Guitar, Yellow Propeller, Max HP +30, Strength +2, Magic +2

The Orange Carapace items can be looted from the corpses of the Gurangatch creatures, who can be found wandering around the Giant's Sandbox section of the Dead Dunes. As for the Cactuar Dolls, you're going to need to hunt down the Cactuar creatures. You'll find these beasts all over the region, but if you want to specifically head out to hunt them, take a stroll around the vicinity of the Oasis Lighthouse.

Banned Goods

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Bandit Psmith
Items:8 x Goblot Hairball
Available:Day 1
Rewards:240 Gil, Libreau's Rainbow Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, Max HP +10, Magic +1

This Canvas of Prayers quest really shouldn't cause you any problems at all. The Goblot Hairballs drop from the Goblot enemies that you'll see wandering all over the Dead Dunes. Just keep the quest in your log, and kill any Goblots you come across until you've looted eight of the Hairballs.

Biologically Speaking

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Professor Pannono
Items:3 x Dried Scale
Available:Day 1
Rewards:200 Gil, Long Gui's Shell, Max HP +10, Strength +1

Dried Scales drop from the corpses of the Desert Sahagin who can be found all around the Giant's Sandbox section of the region.

Climbing The Ranks I

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Bandit Zellio
Items:5 x Dead Man's Teeth
Available:Day 3
Rewards:200 Gil, Replica PSICOM Epaulet, Max HP +10, Strength +1

The Dead Man's Teeth you need for this quest drop from the Skeletons found clanking around inside the Temple Ruins, and shambling about the shrines.

Climbing The Ranks II

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Bandit Boddel
Items:20 x Dead Man's Teeth
Prerequisite:Must have finished Climbing The Ranks I
Rewards:600 Gil, PSICOM Mobile Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

The only difference between the first quest and this follow-up is the quantity of Dead Man's Teeth required to turn it in. You need 20 of them this time around, so keep killing the Skeletons located in the Temple Ruins and around the shrines.

Desert Cleanup

Difficulty:3 Stars
Client:Bandit Rimmich
Items:10 x Desert Rose | 30 x Dried Scale
Prerequisite:Must have finished Flower In The Sands and Biologically Speaking
Rewards:600 Gil, PSICOM Mobile Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +1

The Dried Scales you need for this quest can be looted from the corpses of Desert Sahagin, who can be found in and around the Giant's Sandbox part of the region. The Earth Eaters who drop the Desert Roses can also be found in the same area, but they're considerably tougher - wait until you've cleared a good chunk of the other Dead Dunes content before taking on these tricky fights.

Flower In The Sands

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Bandit Marie
Items:Desert Rose
Available:Day 1
Rewards:700 Gil, PSICOM Air Medal, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

The Earth Eater who drops the Desert Rose is a very tough beast to beat, so consider finishing off this quest towards the end of your time in the Dead Dunes. When you're ready, head over to the Giant's Sandbox to find your prey - but don't say we didn't warn you...

For My Child

Difficulty:3 Stars
Items:Cactuar Doll
Available:Day 3
Rewards:500 Gil, Cactuar Figurine, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Max HP +20, Magic +3

There's nothing too complicated about this quest, and the Cactuar Doll you need can be looted from the corpse of a Cactuar. You can find these enemies all over the Dead Dunes region, so just get the quest in your log and kill your target on sight.

Heightened Security

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Armorer Coxilla
Items:Organic Carapace
Available:Day 4
Rewards:700 Gil, Replica PSICOM Badge, Emblem Bandage, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

The Organic Carapace needed for this quest drops from the Gurangatch. Head once more to the Giant's Sandbox to hunt down this creature and get your hands on the quest item.

Lucky Charm

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Bounty Hunter Bosk
Items:3 x Lizard Tail
Prerequisite:Must have visited Yusnaan at least once
Rewards:400 Gil, Pumpkin Head, Max HP +10, Strength +1

There are little lizards dotted around here, there and everywhere in the Dead Dunes, and they often drop the Lizard Tails you need for this quest. Just take 'em out whenever you come across them in the world.

Miracle Vintage

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Bandit Tapp
Items:10 x Pot Shard
Available:Day 4
Rewards:500 Gil, Yellow Bow Tie, Canned PuPu Logo, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

Head over to the Temple Ruins and keep your eyes peeled for the Schrodinger enemies that drop the Pot Shards. Once you've got all 10 of them, head back to Bandit Tapp to get your rewards.

Pride And Greed I

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Bandit Moogor
Items:3 x Yellow Skull
Available:Day 3
Rewards:300 Gil, Commissioned Pilot's Badge, PSICOM Medic Medal, Max HP +10, Magic +1

This escalating chain of quests tasks you with looting ever-greater quantities of Yellowed Skulls. You can loot these quest items by smashing up the skeleton statues by the shrines all over the Dead Dunes region.

Pride And Greed II

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Bandit Reglan
Items:5 x Yellow Skull
Available:Day 7
Prerequisite:Must have finished Pride And Greed I
Rewards:500 Gil, Gadot's Blue Emblem, Dark Knight's Shades, Max HP +10, Strength +1

You now need to get your hands on five Yellowed Skulls, again found inside the smashable skeleton statues.

Pride And Greed III

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Bandit Coconan
Items:20 x Yellow Skull
Available:Day 9
Prerequisite:Must have finished Pride And Greed II
Rewards:1,500 Gil, Staff of Judgement, White Guitar, Max HP +20, Strength +1, Magic +2

The final part of this quest chain has you hunting down 20 Yellowed Skulls for Bandit Coconan. Once again, keep an eye out for any skeleton statues in the region, and smash them open until you have all the quest items you need.

Supply And Demand

Difficulty:1 Star
Client:Merchant Dolph
Items:5 x Lizard Tail
Available:Day 3
Prerequisite:Must have finished Lucky Charm
Rewards:800 Gil, Dandy's Mustache, Servant's Mustache, Max HP +10, Magic +2

Lizard Tails are what you're after for this Canvas of Prayers quest, and you won't be surprised to learn that they drop from lizards. Specifically, the little tiny ones you see all over the Dead Dunes region.

The Real Client

Difficulty:2 Stars
Client:Bandit Lilly
Items:10 x Goblot Hairball | 5 x Pot Shard
Prerequisite:Must have finished Banned Goods and Miracle Vintage
Rewards:600 Gil, Blue Newboy Cap, NORA Logo, Max HP +20, Magic +3

Gobolot Hairballs can be looted by killing off the Goblots who are found all over the Dead Dunes region. To get your hands on the Pot Shards, you'll need to kill the Schrodinger - head to the Temple Ruins to find your prey.

If you're struggling with a different set of Canvas of Prayers quests, we've got guides for each region from the index page.

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