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Lightning Returns: FF13 – Dead Dunes side quests, Aeronite fight, Last One enemies, Bhakti's Oils

From item locations to combat tips, our guide will help you beat all of the side quests hidden in the Dead Dunes region of Lightning Returns.

If the main quest in the Dead Dunes section of Lightning Returns feels a little sparse, there's not much in the way of side quest content to help fill things out. Still, there are a few quests here that are well worth adding to your tally, and it makes sense to get them out of the way while you still have Fang by your side to help you out.

Dead Dunes side quest walkthrough

Adonis's Audition

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:Inside the Ruffian caves
Rewards:1,500 Gil, Monoculus Mask, Max HP +100, Strength +4, Magic +8

In order to make progress through the Dead Dunes main quest, you'll have no choice but to grab Adonis's Audition along the way! Once you've spoken to Adonis and got the quest in your log, go to the Cactuar Statue that's situated just outside of Ruffian and examine it closely.

When that's done, teleport Lightning over to the zone known as Near God's Wrath. After that, follow the marker that's been put on your map until you encounter a Gurangatch beast. When the beast is dead, watch the cut-scene that unfolds, and then go back to Adonis to get your quest rewards.

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His Wife's Dream

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:By the northern gate at the Temple Ruins
Prerequisite:Must have started the side quest called Old Rivals
Rewards:1,300 Gil, Gold Padlock, Max HP +100, Strength +6, Magic +2

When you've picked up this quest, make your way to the Grave Of Colossi, then head in a south-westerly direction until you hit a dead end. You'll then need to use a Pilgrim's Crux to eliminate the storm that's raging, then afterwards fight the Goblots within. You'll loot the Arithmometer quest item by doing so, and you can then hand the quest in to Ramon.

Last One Standing

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:At the Oasis Lighthouse
Rewards:12,000 Gil, Hermit's Cap, Bladed Lance, Max HP +160, Strength +18, Magic +16

Those looking to clean up on every single quest in one play-through are in for a bit of a disappointment. To finish up the requirements of this quest, you'll have to kill the so-called 'Last One' of each enemy type in the game. Annoyingly, three of those enemy types only make an appearance during the Last Day section of Lightning Returns - and you can't go back to talk to Zanford from there after killing them.

Never mind, start up a 'New Game Plus' when you've finished the game, then go back to Zanford at your earliest opportunity to begin and end the quest in your second visit.

Old Rivals

Difficulty:1 Star
Location:At the Ruffian General Store
Rewards:500 Gil, Snakes In Hat, Max HP +50, Strength +4, Magic +2

First of all, talk to Tobias to pick up the quest, and then complete the side quest called His Wife's Dream (see above). These two quests are intertwined, and so by completing the other quest, you'll be able to complete this one straight afterwards.

Skeletons In The Closet

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:At the Ruffian bar
Prerequisite:Must have finished 4-3 of the main quest
Rewards:4,500 Gil, Pioneer's Eyepatch, Max HP +140, Strength +14, Magic +12

There's nothing too complex about this particular quest - it's a straightforward monster-slaying mission. Once you've added it to your quest log, kill 60 skeletons before finishing off the 'Last One' variety.

You'll find plenty of these bone-rattlers wandering around the Temple Ruins, or even around one of the many shrines in the region. Once you're killing duties are over, go back to Jamus to hand in the quest and get your rewards.

The Life Of A Machine

Difficulty:2 Stars
Location:In the Sacred Grave area of the Temple Ruins
Rewards:Cyber Scanners, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +4

You've only got three in-game days to achieve all of the objectives in The Life Of A Machine, so don't dilly-dally once you've accepted it. Alternatively, you can cheat a little by getting hold of the items before you've even taken the quest. Here's where you can find all of the Bhakti's Oils in the area - although keep in mind that you only need to hand in three of them to finish off the quest:

  • Inside the shrine at the Dry Floodlands.
  • Inside the shrine at Atomos's Sands.
  • Three in total can be found around the Oasis Lighthouse.
  • At the General Store in Ruffian, run by Tobias.
  • By the skeletal remains by the shrine at the Grave Of Colossi.

Once you've picked up three of the Oils, go back to Bhakti and hand them in. You'll then need to closely examine the door you're lead to, not to mention the remains inside. Now speak to Bhakti again to pick up all of your hard-earned rewards.

Tool Of The Trade

Difficulty:1 Star
Location:On the second floor balcony, inside the Ruffian caves
Rewards:400 Gil, Retro Scopes, Max HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4

Talk to Elmer to pick up the quest, and then travel north until you reach Atomos's Sands. Once you've arrived at the location, keep going towards the north-east until you see an item on the floor that you can examine. Once you've done so, travel back and speak to Elmo again to hand in the quest.

What Rough Beast Slouches

Difficulty:3 Stars
Location:The uppermost level of the Temple Ruins
Rewards:8,200 Gil, Pro's Beret, Max HP +160, Strength +12, Magic +16

If you're not already on Day 7 of the main quest, you'll be able to pick up this side quest, but you won't actually be able to find the target monster. Once the seventh day's rolled around though, make your way to Giant's Sandbox and get ready for a fight with the Aeronite. Where exactly you'll find the creature depends on the time of day you go looking for it. Note also that if you fail to kill it, it won't respawn again for two in-game hours.

Assuming you've located your prey, get ready for one of the toughest fights in the section of Lightning Returns. You're going to need to Stagger the beast four times to beat it into submission, and make sure that each Stagger is delivered no more than three minutes apart. Equip everything you've got for dishing out damage, and sharpen your reflexes while you're at it.

When the beast is beaten, go back to Nolan to complete the quest and receive your - very well-earned - rewards.

If you're struggling with a different set of Lightning Returns side quests, try the index page of our guide.

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