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Life is Strange Remastered gets new February 2022 release date

Following its recent delay.

Life is Strange Remastered, Square Enix's spruce up of Life is Strange 1 and its prequel Before the Storm, has been given a new release date of 1st February 2022 following its recent delay.

Life is Strange Remastered was originally due to arrive at the end of this month, two weeks after new series entry Life is Strange: True Colors, but Square made the decision to postpone its release back in August, citing "the ongoing challenges of the worldwide pandemic".

At the time, it offered a revised launch window of "early 2022", but Square has now properly shoved a pin in its calendar, announcing a new release date of 1st February next year on all previously confirmed platforms - Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection - Official Trailer.

Life is Strange Remastered promises to deliver a range of enhancements for developer Dontnod's much-loved original game and its Deck-Nine-developed prequel Before the Storm. Both games are set to receive remastered visuals for characters and environments, for instance, alongside engine and lighting upgrades, and Life is Strange 1 will get fully motion captured facial animations. The more recent Before the Storm, meanwhile, comes with all content from its Deluxe edition - namely a range of outfits and its Chloe-Max reunion episode Farewell.

And if you haven't experienced Life is Strange's latest instalment, True Colors, just yet, it's well worth doing so. Eurogamer slapped it with a Recommended badge when it released earlier this month, calling it beautiful and brilliant, if perhaps a little safe.

"Whereas Life is Strange 2 acted to disrupt the original's formula and engage in heavier themes," wrote Tom Phillips in his review, "True Colors is a safer riff on Dontnod's debut, but one whose quality allows it to stand on its own without feeling too much like a cover band. Deck Nine is a supremely talented studio, True Colors makes clear, and more than worthy of continuing the Life is Strange franchise."

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