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Someone's trying to fund Life is Strange 2 via Kickstarter

UPDATE: And it's cancelled.

UPDATE 5/4/16 1.30pm: Surprising no one, the Kickstarter project to fund a Life is Strange sequel has now been cancelled.

There's no update yet from the project's creator. Presumably, publisher Square Enix stepped in.

No further money had been pledged since our report yesterday, below.

ORIGINAL STORY 4/4/16 2.10pm: A fan of Life is Strange is trying to fund a sequel via Kickstarter.

Currently, $103 have been raised.

Impatient to play more of the excellent episodic serial, Scott Ashby, has asked for $20,000 to get the project funded himself.

But he won't be making it single-handed - oh no. Ashby has two plans of action if the crowdfunding campaign should succeed.

Plan A is to approach Life is Strange developer Dontnod and ask the studio to create the sequel itself, using the $20k he has raised.

Plan B - if Dontnod doesn't play ball - is to buy the IP and sponsor another developer to make Life is Strange 2 instead. Simple.

Pledge $50 or more and you'll get a copy of the game. Pledge $1000 and you'll get to write a character's backstory. Pledge this much again and you'll be able to voice one of the characters!

Ashby's plan for the sequel includes more detail on secondary characters such as fan-favourite Kate Marsh. It will have "16 different outcomes", he writes. It will also have "a new musical mini-game".

Why take matters into his own hands? Ashby has this to say:

"Currently Dontnod has no plans to do a sequel, and is working on a totally different (vampire style) game," he writes.

"They have said publicly that if they were to do another game like this, they would go with totally different characters and setting. The theory is that there is no where else to go with the story of Max and Chloe."

Dontnod, if you're reading, it sounds like Scott has some ideas.

Back in the real world, while one team at Dontnod is indeed working on a vampire game (appropriately named Vampyr), its separate Life is Strange team is not. Who knows what they could be up to...

It reminds us of that Star Wars fan Kickstarter from a little while back. We've reached out to Life is Strange publisher Square Enix in case it chooses to comment.

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