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LG unveils PlayStation 3D TV rival

47" Dual Play screen for £1799.

LG has unveiled an alternative to Sony's recently announced PlayStation-branded 3D TV that allows two gamers sat side-by-side to view two separate images.

As reported by Stuff, the LW980T, due out in September, comes in two different models: a 47 inch screen priced at £1799 or a 55 inch screen for £2499.

As well as the local multiplayer-friendly Dual Play display that simultaneously outputs two separate images to opposite sides of the viewing angle, the set also offers various SmartTV features, including 3D video on demand and BBC iPlayer, Facebook and YouTube apps.

It packs a crisp Nano Full LED display and comes in at a slim 26.4mm thick.

The set includes seven pairs of 3D glasses out of the box, but you'll need to pay extra for the all-right and all-left Dual Play specs.

In comparison, Sony's more modest 24 inch set launches this Autumn priced at £499.

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