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LEGO MMO announced

NetDevil reveals toy project.

Lego will provide the inspiration for a new online adventure, NetDevil has announced, confirming rumours that the developer was working on an MMO for a "major toy company".

"Playing with LEGO bricks and developing online worlds are both creative activities," said Scott Brown, president of NetDevil. "To bring them together is deeply professionally satisfying and we look forward to working with the LEGO team."

The game is scheduled to appear in 2008 on 'undisclosed platforms', with 'creativity, construction and problem solving' providing the inspiration.

The project marks a change in direction for NetDevil, having previously worked on grittier games such as apocalyptic MMO Auto Assault and current project Warmonger - an FPS built around physics-based freedom.

"As children around the world continue to spend more time online we are developing new and engaging ways for them to interact with our brand," said Lisbeth Valther Pallesen, executive vice president of community, education and direct division at LEGO.

Of course, we've seen LEGO games pulled-off heroically in the past, gifting us the marvellous Lego Star Wars series, for instance, which was perfect for big and little kids alike.

But will an MMOG for a younger audience work? Will parents be happy to let their kids get sucked into a virtual world for hours on end? Answers in the usual place...

Keep an eye on the game's website for more information.

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