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Latest Humble Choice bundle includes Star Wars Squadrons, Phoenix Point, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Get games to play and keep for just £8.99 a month plus other perks.

Humble Bundle has for a long time been one of the go-to destinations for gamers looking for cheap games. Not only is there a wide range of ever-changing bundles and heavily discounted games to choose from, you also get to support different charities with your purchases.

If you're a regular Humble customer and not already signed up to their Humble Choice membership service, we have a few great reasons why you might want to consider joining. This includes getting a bunch of games every month that you can keep forever, plus you can get bigger discounts and better savings on selected games.

Humble Choice costs £8.99/ $11.99 a month or £98/ $129 for the annual plan (working out around £8.17/ $10.75 a month). When you sign up, you'll get eight games straight away. This month's Humble Choice bundle includes: Star Wars Squadrons, Phoenix Point: Year One Edition, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Call of the Sea, I am a Fish, Gamedec, Pumpkin Jack and Siege Survival: Gloria Victis. If there's ever a month where you're not fussed on the games, you can cancel or skip a month at any time.

Humble Choice members save a further 20 per cent on everything in the Humble store, for example you can save an extra £7.37 on Dying Light 2 Stay Human(£29.47), and an extra £2.32 on Valheim (£9.29).

Everything you buy from Humble helps out charities around the world, and the same goes for a Humble Choice Membership. 5 per cent of every membership is donated to their featured charity of the month. Last month, Humble donated US$233,752.00 to The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) thanks to their members alone.

Humble Choice members also get exclusive access to the Humble Games collection, which is a free library of games curated by the people at Humble that you can play whenever you want. There's a handy Humble App for PC that you can download to play the games in the vault like Into the Pit and Getting Over It, and the list of games will continue to grow.

Whether you're a regular Humble Bundle user, or you're just finding out about their wide range of discounts, signing up to Humble Choice is a good deal in itself and will make the already great Humble deals even better.

Make sure to check out the last few days of the Humble Summer Games Fest Sale happening right now to make the most of that new Humble Choice discount. Also be sure to follow Jelly Deals on Twitter where we keep you up-to-date on sales events, discounts, promotions and other cool things we see.

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