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LA Noire rumoured for spring 2011

Rockstar won't say either way.

Rockstar has refused to comment on an LA Noire preview that listed the game for release next year.

According to scans on Rockstar Base, an Xbox 360 World preview listed the game for "spring 2011".

Rockstar subsequently told Scrawlfx: "There is no publicly announced release date for LA Noire, and we do not comment on rumour or speculation."

There may be no date, but Rockstar has previously said the game is due out this autumn.

"We have not announced a specific release date yet, but LA Noire is coming this fall," was the word from the official Twitter feed in February.

Mother-publisher Take Two also still had the game down for this year in its latest financials.

"LA Noire, Mafia II and Sid Meier's Civilization V are planned for release in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010," it said - Q4 of its financial year ending on 31st October.

LA Noire is a 1940s crime thriller developed by Team Bondi, the studio set up by Brendan McNamara after he finished work on PS2 title The Getaway at Sony Studios London.

The ambitious game recreates post-war Los Angeles and sees players rising through the ranks of the LAPD, investigating crimes for various departments and eventually making it to homicide.

McNamara has said that he wants to take players on a "journey" - something that he believes other action-adventure games fail to do with their unchanging characters.

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