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Konami renews its Suikoden trademark

Will we find out why at TGS later this month?

Konami's much-talked about "unannounced game" could be a new Suikoden title.

A renewed trademark for the game – filed back in July, but only recently spotted by SegmentNext – has popped up in Mexico, leading some to speculate that if Konami's upcoming TGS spot doesn't involve Castlevania, Metal Geat Solid, or Silent Hill, then it just may be about a new installment of the classic RPG series.

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The filing – spotted by posters on Reddit and shared at ResetEra – tells us that the filing was made at the end of July and… well, not much else, actually. But it's certainly coincidental timing, isn't it, particularly as the last main Suikoden title released way back in 2006.

Could it be a sign the game will make an appearance at TGS? Who knows. Not long to wait until we're put out of our misery, though…

Konami recently released its lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2022, including that unannounced game and a 45-minute presentation. Silent Hill fans will be paying particularly close attention, as another alleged Silent Hill leak dropped today, purporting to be (very blurry) screenshots of Bloober Team's alleged Silent Hill 2 remake.

They seem to show a third-person POV with the camera behind the left shoulder rather than a fixed angle. The third image is the most compelling; it appears to be a bubble head nurse and reminds me of Brookhaven Hospital, when the nurse jumps out from near the elevator.

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