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Konami games not canned

Saved by printing error!

Looks like Konami isn't guilty of mass cancellations of Wii and PS3 projects, nor quietly deciding not to bother continuing with a handful of prototypes either: those games listed by Famitsu this week haven't been cancelled after all.

Previous reports, based on a Famitsu entry, claimed that sketchily detailed next-gen titles Gradius Series, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, "New Action Game" and "New Role Playing Game" (all PS3) along with "New Action Adventure Game 2" and "Role Playing Game" (both Wii) had been wiped off the release schedule.

Not so says, er, Famitsu, which has apparently updated its website to claim something of a printing error. Konami has kept quiet throughout.

Which leaves us with little else to say, even about dewdrops brushed gaily from the strings of a mangled hummock, other than perhaps that Konami continues to support the various next-gen formats including Wii (Eledees/Elebits), PS3 (something called Metal Gear Solid 4) and Xbox 360 (Pro Evolution Soccer), although it's showing little love for the Gizmondo, which must be doing well or they'd have mentioned it on the news.

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