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Konami asks: would you buy a Metal Gear Rising Revengeance sequel?

Plus, what would you expect from it?

Konami has been quiet on the prospect of a sequel to Platinum's superb action game Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, but a survey gathering feedback on the game asks fans if they'd be interested in it.

The survey, which took me 20 minutes to complete, asks detailed questions about the game, its marketing and features, and why you did or did not buy it.

Towards the end of the survey it asks: "If the sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance were available, do you think you would buy the game?"

Then, "If the sequel to Metal Gear Rising were available, what would you expect from the game?"

Here, you get a list of options, reproduced below. Any take your fancy?

  • More stealth elements
  • Story of Raiden/Jack before Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  • Element of human drama in the story
  • Fight with Various types of mechanical characters/machines
  • Element of Metal Gear Solid
  • Element of science fiction in the story
  • Elements other than fighting
  • Want enemies to be human rather than cyborgs
  • Longer total playing time
  • Want enemies to be cyborg rather than human
  • Fierce battle with enemies
  • Want the characters in the first game (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance) to appear again
  • Element of romance in the story
  • Online multiplay
  • Element of mystery in the story
  • Element of humour in the story
  • Element of military in the story
  • Story of a character other than Raiden/Jack
  • Story of Raiden/Jack after the first game (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)
  • Want to cut more in the game
  • Other

Before Revengeance released Konami said it hoped the would establish a spin-off franchise from the main Metal Gear Solid series, so we know that it's up for a sequel.

Late last year the Japanese publisher told Eurogamer it would love to make a sequel, and if it did, it would be happy to work with Platinum once again.

"If people like Metal Gear Rising, if the fans who play this game ask for more, that would be awesome," producer Yuji Korekado said.

"That would be great for us and we would be happy to consider working on another game in Metal Gear Rising. "This is a game we definitely couldn't have created at Kojima Productions. Also, this is a game Platinum Games couldn't have created on their own.

"We think of this as a product that came from the collaboration of both. We both have our strengths and they were put together. So if we were to create a sequel we definitely want to work in a similar partnership."

As for the first Revenegance, the PC version launches later this year.

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