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Kirby Ghosts onto VC

Puyo Puyo clone plus friend.

Puyo Puyo fans, wake up! This week's Virtual Console update brings us the surprisingly welcome addition of SNES title Kirby's Ghost Trap (known as Kirby's Avalanche in the States) - a podgy pink take on the Puyo Puyo puzzle concept.

Priced at 800 Wii points, it sees you rotating little pairs of coloured blobs as they descend the screen, matching them together into groups of four to get them to vanish. There are no dropships or crate puzzles, but it was quite successful anyway.

The other game on Virtual Console today is Devil's Crush, the TurboGrafx-16 sequel to Alien Crush, which asks for 600 of your Wii points and offers a fast-paced, three-screens-high pinball game in return.

Downloading them's as simple as loading up the Virtual Console on the Wii shop, and you can read more about whether they're any good in our upcoming Virtual Console Roundup.

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