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Killing Deathwing in WOW Patch 4.3

Blizzard's Tom Chilton tells us all about it.
EurogamerWill there be new Legendary items in Patch 4.3?
Tom Chilton

We do plan to have a set of Legendary daggers, so all the rogues out there can rejoice. That's currently our only firm plan for Legendary items. There will almost certainly be a Legendary quest line associated with the daggers. There's still a possibility of doing armour pieces that are Legendary in terms of their item level and colour, but we haven't yet determined whether or not we're going to do that.

EurogamerTransmogrification has been discussed on your website. Why is it we can't transmogrify Legendary weapons?
Tom Chilton

We decided against it because we wanted to protect the identity of Legendary items, because if you see something that looks like a Legendary, you instantly know that it is a Legendary. We try as much as possible to keep them feeling special and very unusual; it's still that not all that many players in the game have them.

EurogamerCan effects on items be swapped around?
Tom Chilton

The item effects are associated with the item that you're using for looks.

EurogamerYou're adding the option to buy back armour sets that have disappeared from the game - can we also buy back patched-out items like the Corrutped Ashbringer?
Tom Chilton

We are going to have a variety of different items that used to be available but aren't available any more, but it's not going to be all-inclusive. I don't believe that one [the Corrupted Ashbringer] is going to be available, although it's always a possibility for the future. We also have plans to try to make some of the older PVP armour sets available, although not necessarily through the Darkmoon Faire.

EurogamerCan you transmogrify a PVE set with a PVP set?
Tom Chilton


EurogamerPatch 4.3 brings the Raid Finder. Will this lock us to raids for a week or can we clear their content more than once a week?
Tom Chilton

That's definitely the intent, yeah. We do not expect there to be an enforced lock-out when you use the Raid Finder. The item level is not going to be as high as if you do it in the normal or heroic difficulty. You'll still be able to get epic items that are still really high level.

"We also introduce the epic gems in this patch, and they'll be available only through the normal and heroic difficulty of the Deathwing raids."

Tom Chilton, lead game designer, World of Warcraft
EurogamerAre you happy with the current raiding difficulty?
Tom Chilton

In large part, that's why we're adding the lower difficulty level of the Raid Finder. There's a huge distribution of player organisation and skill in the game and it's very difficult to cram that in to two difficulty modes without someone being unhappy - either the hardcore players or the casual players or the middle-of-the-road organised guilds. We feel like we need this third difficulty.

We plan to tune the content with the Raid Finder with the assumption that it is 25 random people being put together. If you're an ordinary player that just wants to see the content and have some fun and get some good items from doing it - even if they're not as good as the items in normal or heroic - then you'll be able to do it that way.

You won't get as many prestige rewards. You won't have the full extent of the achievements or titles or mounts and stuff like that.

EurogamerAre there going to be new recipes?
Tom Chilton

There certainly are quite a few new profession recipes. We also introduce the epic gems in this patch, and they'll be available only through the normal and heroic difficulty of the Deathwing raids.

EurogamerWhen is patch 4.3 coming?
Tom Chilton

We should be on the Public Test Realm soon, within a couple of weeks.

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