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Kid Icarus hops on US VC

With Kirby and Ice Climber.

Those of you who enjoy a morning nose-bag of bacon and pancakes drizzled with maple syrup will be pleased to learn that three new games are available in the American Wii Shop, and all are classic NES adventures costing 500 Wii points each.

Hopping angelically at the front of the pack is Kid Icarus, which puts you in control of Pit, a young angel trapped in the Underworld. It's up to you to defeat Medusa and her snakey hair-do, then restore peace to Angel Land. Pit's set to make an appearance in the new Wii Smash Bros. game, incidentally.

Following closely is Kirby's Adventure, another platform adventure that tasks you with stopping citizens of Dream Land being exposed to a lifetime of terrible nightmares, ones like turning up to work naked, which is supposedly against company policy.

Then finally we have Ice Climber, a challenge for one or two players to conquer 32 perilous peaks.

Three new chestnuts to gnaw on, then. However, don't despair, our Euro-brethren: have you forgotten that Super Mario World was released just last Friday? It's a corking romp of platform panache, which we think you'd better ruddy-well get stuck into.

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