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Kaos defends "5 hour" Homefront campaign

Is "competitive" with COD and Battlefield.

Kaos Studios, creator of upcoming first-person shooter Homefront, has defended the length of the game's campaign after reports that it is only five hours long hit the internet.

Kaos' play test sessions showed only "really expert players" completed the near-future FPS in five hours, creative director and general manager David Votypka told Eurogamer this afternoon.

"We've done a lot of focus testing on the game," he said. "We've seen really expert players race through it pretty quickly – five hours, a little less. We've seen players take eight to 10 hours to play it. So it's a range, there. It depends who you ask."

Votypka insisted the length of Homefront's campaign is comparable to those of its direct competitors: the Call of Duties, Battlefields and Medal of Honors of this world.

"It's competitive with the lengths of the other top shooters out there right now, especially the ones with the big multiplayer components," he said.

"Where there's a lot of game time in the multiplayer, the single-player doesn't tend to be 12, 15, 20 hours long. The Mass Effects, those types of games where it's all about the single-player, then they put all their time and content into that."

Votypka told us he feels "pretty good" about Homefront's campaign, which asks players to join a resistance force and hit back against a fictional Korean invasion of North America.

"We wanted to create this occupied America and tell the story of this small resistance band and have the game campaign be long enough to tell that story and play through and experience that.

"You start off in small town Colorado and you end up on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The number of events and character development and things you play through and experience throughout that campaign is pretty diverse.

"There's a lot of bang for your buck in the time you play the campaign."

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