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Judgment Cat locations: Where to find all Stray Cats in main missions

Hear a meow coming from somewhere? Here's where to find Stray Cat locations in the Yazuka-universe spin-off.

Judgment Stray Cats are one of many interesting collectables you'll find in the Yazuka-universe spin-off.

These small companions are scattered throughout the streets, and can be found in the main story, specifically during Search Missions, and will give you bonus SP and a Trophy at the end for your trouble.

This is a missable Trophy, since you can't replay story missions - so it's worth doing these Stray Cat locations as you go.

There are also a variety of Stray Cat in side-missions too - but for purposes of clarity, we'll be focusing on those in main missions - and the ones that give you that elusive Trophy - on this page.

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Judgment Stray Cat locations explained

In certain parts of the game Yagami will have to look for suspects or clues on a case in a fixed environment, which the player traverses in a first person perspective, moving the camera and zooming in on objects of interest.

The animals can be seen and heard on a number of these scenes, and all you have to do is aim at them and zoom in to see the prompt to focus on it.

Once examined, you'll gain +5 SP and the name will be changed to Stray Cat with a check mark on the side.

Keep in mind that even if you investigate the key object you need for that certain investigation, you can continue to look around until you manually finish the sequence, so don't worry about missing it.

Once you have found all Stray Cat locations, you'll receive the 'Oh Look, a Cat!' Trophy.

Tutorial Stray Cat locations

The first Stray Cat can be found during the tutorial. There are two Search Missions that you'll have to follow through, but it's only on the second one, in which you search for the Pigeon, where you'll see the kitten.

This is probably the easiest one to pick, since it's displayed near Yagami on purpose and can be heard loud and clear. Just aim, focus, and activate the prompt. Here's your first cat.

Chapter 1 Stray Cat locations

Find the security camera

Here's your first real test into kidding a Stray Cat, but it's not that hard to find. As soon as you start the Verification Mission while searching for the security camera, turn around and start walking towards the invisible wall. For reference, just head straight to the Jungle Boy sign on the building in front of you.

Look at your left side and you'll see a gray cat. Aim, focus, and activate the prompt to gain 5 SP and another check mark on your list.

Look for Kaito

Still in Chapter 1, you'll receive a video call and enter in a new Search Mission after some chit chat. Again, the Stray Cat will reveal its presence by meowing. For this one, turn around to the left and look for the garbage bags.

If you keep following that angle, you'll locate the cat sleeping above a vending machine. Aim at it, examine and, once it gives you the check mark and the name changes onto Stray Cat, you'll be set. Additionally for this particular Search Mission, there are several people of interest that you can examine in the building in front of you aside from Kaito, and it should make for a nice SP bonus.

Use the drone to find Murase

This is the first tricky one, since the meowing will make you look pretty much everywhere. Luckily for you, you just have to follow these steps. Once the drone is up in the air, head straight to where the blinking light comes from, and it will take you right to the marked building for the mission.

Aim at the rooftop and look for the closest corner. You'll see a white Stray Cat that is minding their own business. Aim, examine, and see that sweet check mark popping in.

Turn on the room lights

Stray Cats are pretty much everywhere at this point. Still in the same mission, once you enter the building using the disguise and get access to the security room, there will be another Search Mission.

This cat is easy to find since the space is pretty much narrow and the room is empty. Just look outside towards the front door from where you just came, look at the floor and boom, there's the little cat. Aim, examine, and wait for the check mark to appear. Let's continue.

Find the security camera

Yes, there are still Stray Cats remaining in the first chapter of Judgment. This one happens to be in an alley during a Verification Mission as you search for a security camera.

Move around the alley right to the other side. You'll stumble with a sign on the left side that says "Lounge Bar: Manhattan". See the invisible wall? The cat is right past it facing backwards. Aim, examine, and you'll be set.

Chapter 2 Stray Cat locations

Investigate where the corpse was found

The first in the second chapter is located in the alley where you'll be inspecting the scene where the second crime was committed. When you're in first person mode performing the Verification Mission, look for one of the corners that has a blue trash can, a red maze, and some yellow boxes piled up.

If you look a bit above all those three items, you'll notice a cat standing still. Focus on it, examine and, once you see the Stray Cat name on the side with a check mark, it means you got it.

Chapter 4 Stray Cat locations

Clear Hoshino-kun's Name

We're again inside an office, and even though you must have thought otherwise, there is a Stray Cat in the surroundings. Get close to the windows on the right that have the curtain lifted up, look outside and focus. The cat is black and white, standing above an air conditioner in the ground. Examine it and you'll be set.

Chapter 5 Stray Cat locations

Investigate the corpse

Things got rough all of the sudden, huh? After a first cutscene in Chapter 5, from where you stand, look from your office's window on the left side, and when you focus you'll see a black cat in the front street. Examine, wait for the name to change, and keep doing what you were doing.

Oh, and as an additional tip, there are several places that you can examine as you're searching for his phone, so make sure to get those extra SP.

Chapter 5 Stray Cat locations

Investigate the bed

There were odd chances for a cat in this scene, but it seems they also have a starring role in the past. This one can be hard to find, though all you have to do is get close to the window, stare outside, and look at the big pillar that is supporting the broadwalk that leads to the other building.

The Stray Cat is right below it, barely revealing itself as a black figure. Examine, wait for the name to change, and done.

Chapter 7 Stray Cat locations

Investigate Kaito's Ruckus

This one is part of a side story, but you'll have to do it as part of the main mission. Once you're in the ally about to start investigating the scene, head to where the truck is. There's a food sign laying on the floor, right before the Green Dell signs on the doors. Look right past it and you'll find the Stray Cat, waiting for you to focus and examine it.

Chapter 8 Stray Cat locations

Search for three outlets

This is a rare timed Search Mission, and even though you'll likely get plenty of time to find all outlets before time runs out, you should focus on the Stray Cat first and forehand. Luckily it's an easy one to spot, just look at the window on the left with the binds slightly open, focus and you'll see the tiny animal there. Examine it and you'll be set.

Chapter 9 Stray Cat locations

Find Shono

Almost there for the main missions. During chapter 9, once you get into the ADDC, you'll be tasked to search for Shono among a group of doctors. But surprise, there's a Stray Cat in here as well. Just keep walking until the red barriers, turn right, and look outside the window. As always, focus, examine, and that would be it.

Chapter Finale Stray Cat locations

Find the gold keycard

Judgment is about to end, but of course there had to be another Stray Cat waiting to be found. This is another timed Search MIssion, but don't fret. As soon as it starts, look outside the window on the right side of the door. There's a cat in the park below, just focus and examine to get the final Stray Cat. If you haven't missed any, the trophy "Oh Look, a Cat!" will pop up on your screen.

Looking for more things to do? Our Judgment QR code locations is another set of collectables to find.

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