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JoWooD sorry for Gothic 3 expansion

"Unsatisfying game" full of bugs.

JoWooD has publicly apologised for the mountains of bugs in Gothic 3 expansion Forsaken Gods.

Emergency patches have been released on the official website and the publisher plans to use community feedback to bulk out a subsequent update.

"JoWooD Productions would like to present their apologies to the fans for releasing an unsatisfying game," said a statement on German website PC Games (via the JoWooD forum).

"Unfortunately, it wasn't possible for us to release a game that could fully satisfy you, for different reasons.

"The game was released this year because that was what we and the community desired. JoWooD and Trine have worked under a lot of pressure, and to repair some of the mistakes we released the game with a patch, hoping to make it better," added the statement.

Michael Kairat, executive producer at JoWooD, went on to say that fans were presenting the publisher with "the full bill" for the amount of mistakes in the game.

None of this bodes particularly well for Arcania: A Gothic Tale (Gothic 4). JoWooD, however, has promised never to repeat this shambles.

"Together with Spellbound, we will make early beta tests for Arcania: A Gothic Tale, to be sure that past mistakes will not be repeated. JoWooD admits their mistake, and will prevent it from happening again," said Kairat.

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