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JoWooD resurrecting Painkiller series

New Heaven/Hell-themed PC shooter coming.

JoWooD will rekindle the Painkiller series with a brand new instalment later this year.

The game, dubbed Resurrection, is being developed by Homegrown Games rather than old-hand People Can Fly, according to IGN. PC is the target platform, although an Xbox 360 port is possible.

Resurrection follows the adventures of CIA assassin Wild Bill Sherman who finds himself in purgatory after accidentally exploding a school bus full of children. He recovers the iconic Painkiller gun and sets to work on the local beasties.

Apparently story is quite important and the Heaven-versus-Hell plot will unravel via cut-scenes and collectable items.

But the series' strength lies in multiplayer, and Homegrown Games promises features like spectator mode and bots ready for the off. There will also be a campaign co-op mode for two players.

Homegrown will reuse the old Painkiller engine from 2004, but add features like blur and dynamic lighting to hide the ugly bits.

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