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Journey composer will score the Leisure Suit Larry remake

"This was like a fantasy to work on a game like that."

After being nominated for a Grammy and winning two VGAs for his outstanding score to thatgamecompany's Journey, composer Austin Wintory will follow his accolades up with - what else - writing the music for the upcoming Kickstarter funded Leisure Suit Larry remake.

Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry, reached out to Wintory prior to him receiving the VGA. "The team that's remaking it, Replay Games, they had been fans of Journey," the composer told Polygon. "It's actually shocking that they would think to call me because they couldn't be more opposite of each other."

Wintory was thrilled at this opportunity because he was a huge fan of the Leisure Suit Larry games from back in the day. "That's my era as a gamer growing up," Wintory noted. "This was like a fantasy to work on a game like that."

Prior to accepting the offer Replay Games made sure he was cool with writing "seedy, back alley kind of stuff," which he totally was. The esteemed composer said that he'd written "sexy music" for movies before, but this would be a first for him with games.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded is due Q1 next year on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Now enjoy a totally not sexy, but still very beautiful composition of Wintory's below.

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