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Jazzpunk is coming to PS4

Will add multiplayer marriage-based mini-game and more.

Surreal cold war comedy game Jazzpunk is going to make its console debut on PS4, developer Necrophone Games has announced.

There will be new content to boot. The original game contained a parody of 90s first-person shooters called Wedding Qake and that mini-game has been expanded into a full four-player splitscreen multiplayer mode. There will also be new levels, unlockable characters and more.

This is just one example of the new content Necrophone will be bringing to this spruced up console edition. "We will be adding some new content to the single player game, but I don't want to give too much away about those, just yet," said creative director Luis Hernandez on the PlayStation Blog. "Comedy thrives on the element of surprise, after all!"

Eurogamer contributor Cara Ellison loved Jazzpunk upon its PC/Mac/Linux release last year. "Most of it is like playing through an absurd cyberpunk nightmare written by Leslie Nielsen and made by Thirty Flights of Loving's Brandon Chung," she wrote in her Jazzpunk review. "This game made me laugh - not gently or under duress of slow realisation, but in staccato outbursts which alarmed and unsettled passers-by" she added.

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