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Jalopy dev's new game is 80s boozing and brick-laying sim Landlord's Super

Build anything! Or just stay in the pub.

MinskWorks, the developer behind the thrillingly mundane Eastern Bloc road trip adventure Jalopy, has unveiled its next project - British boozing and building sim, Landlord's Super.

Although Minskworks calls Landlord's Super "the quintessential construction simulator", it's probably best to get your expectations immediately in check. This is construction as seen through the same hazy lens that made the wheel's constantly fall off your beloved Laika 601 Deluxe in "car driving simulator" Jalopy.

As such, it appears to be as much about securing a dodgy loan, drunkenly hammering in a few wonky nails, then ushering in and checking on your lucky new tenants, as it does constructing the property of your dreams.

Landlord's Super unfolds in the fictional county of West Berklands in the midst of the 1980s - a fully simulated, open-world location - with MinskWorks (somewhat dubiously) promising that it will offer "an honest insight into 'English Culture'". And for our overseas friends, there's also American English localisation to go with the British colloquialisms.

As in Jalopy, you'll need to pay attention to the minutiae of the task at hand if success is to be yours. That means you'll have to order all the supplies you'll need to build your new property, mix your own cement, and even assemble your own scaffolding to reach the high bits. And once all that's done, you can finally start the painstaking process of construction - building (drunkenly or otherwise) brick by brick, plank by plank, nail by nail.

But still it's not quite that simple; "Plan and execute your actions around the time of day, weather, seasons, world events, union interference and your own well-being," explains MinskWorks over on Landlord's Super's newly unveiled Steam page, "Some days it's better to soak yourself down the pub than risk working in the rain..."

Beyond "coming soon", there is, regrettably, no indication of when Landlord's Super might finally be opening its doors - but my interest is piqued and I'm eager to see more.

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