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Iwata hints at Pokemon on Nintendo 3DS

And Wii, mysteriously.

It's not surprising but it is exciting - Nintendo is making "Pokemon related products" for 3DS.

Nintendo overlord Satoru Iwata dropped the hint to investors yesterday. This represents the first we've heard of a new Pokemon game on 3DS.

Unless of course he meant a Pokemon-themed stylus or 3DS carry case.

"We are also developing Pokémon related products on the Wii and 3DS," said Iwata, reported by Official Nintendo Magazine.

"We will gradually over time inform you of them."

A new Pokemon game on 3DS is a no-brainer. The franchise sells by the bucket-load on DS - latest instalment Pokemon Black and White has notched five million sales in Japan alone.

But it's interesting Iwata should mention Wii, too. The last and inaugural Pokemon game on Wii - Pokemon Battle Revolution from 2007 - was terrible. Eurogamer described it as "an entirely pointless release that makes no effort to give you value for money". 4/10.

The incredibly successful Pokemon Black and White.

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