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It looks like Destiny 2's next big expansion came from the moon

Back to the crack.

Destiny 2 dataminers have unearthed the next big expansion for Bungie's shared-world shooter - and it looks like we're going back to the moon.

According to the leak, Shadowkeep sees "terrifying shadows descend upon a forgotten moon". That sounds like we're returning to one of the original Destiny play spaces.

There's a "mysterious enemy citadel" to journey deep into, and you can become a "slayer of nightmares".

This doesn't sound like Shadowkeep is about the long-awaited pyramid ships - aka the Darkness. My best guess is some Hive gubbins. And is that a tower protruding from the Hellmouth?

The blurb mentions Shadowkeep is out this fall, which sounds like a September launch to me. I'm thinking of this more like the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny 1, as it involves returning to an area we've previously been to before. I would have liked to have seen a brand new area, but here we are.

Bungie said it would announce the "new era" for Destiny 2 after the new raid, out today as part of the latest season, is completed by players. Expect more soon.

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