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Increase your PS4 hard drive space with this 4TB WD Elements HDD for only £80

Now you can install Red Dead 2 about 40 times!

As hard drive space becomes even more of a premium with multiple live service games taking up huge chunks of room with their countless updates, you may be interested in this PS4 external hard drive deal.

If you head over to the BT Shop (of all places) there's a WD 4TB Elements 2.5" Portable Hard Drive for just £79.99.

The drive will plug straight into your PS4.

With all that free space you shouldn't have to worry about installing or updating anything for some time. At last, no more finicky data management needed deleting old save games and accidental screenshots to eke out those last few megabytes of space!

Setup is an absolute doddle, too. All you need to do is plug the drive into one of your PS4's USB ports. It'll also save you the faff of digging into your PS4's innards to replace the internal drive instead.

Now you've got all that space to fill, we've also got a collection of PS4 game deals you might be interested in taking a look at right now. Loads are on offer, including one of the lowest prices we've seen for Days Gone so far.

This drive is definitely on the upper side in terms of storage capacity. If you're looking for something a bit smaller - and in turn a bit cheaper - do have a look at our roundup of all the best PS4 external hard drives over on Jelly Deals. There are absolutely some savings to be had if you feel a 1TB or 2TB drive is all you really need!

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