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I Expect You To Die 2 looks set to be another fiendishly fun VR escape room game

A sight for sore spies.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar launches this week on Steam, Oculus and Playstation VR and for this week's episode of VR Corner, I'll be giving you a sneak peek at the chaos that lies within this fiendish puzzler's first three missions.

In the video, I've avoided showing the solutions to the main puzzles on each mission and I've also chopped out most of the story beats so you can watch without fear of spoilers.

What you will see however, is me dying due to a variety of slapstick mishaps as I experiment with the many interactive objects on each level. And yes, that includes trying on multiple hats, eating and drinking anything I can get my hands on (not recommended) and accidentally starting a fire on an aircraft. Standard Higton.

If you've played the first game in the series, you'll know exactly what to expect from I Expect You To Die 2. It's another highly polished, espionage-based escape room game that delivers just as many jokes as it does unique and intricate puzzles.

I Expect You To Die 2 is a seated experience so it's perfectly suited for VR beginners, but its imaginative mysteries will provide plenty of standout moments for experience users too.

Each mission plonks you down in front of a set of interactive objects and you'll need to work out what does what and what goes where in order to stop yourself from expiring at the hands of an evil mastermind. Successfully solving these missions can often boil down to trial and error as much as it does brain power but when the pressure is on and you're in full puzzle-solving flow it feels genuinely thrilling to play.

There's so much ingenuity and originality to each puzzle and I Expect You To Die 2 never uses the same trick twice. This means you'll be constantly surprised by the results of your fiddling, even though most of the time those results will culminate in some form of accidental and unexpected death.

Whenever you die you will need to start each mission over again from the very beginning but thankfully there's so many little details packed into each level that it rarely gets tedious. Every time I restarted a mission I'd discover a new item to play with, a new lever to pull or a new button to press and each time I did, it often led to new and inventive ways to approach solving the missions main puzzle.

While I Expect You To Die 2 doesn't feel like a massive departure from the first in terms of gameplay, there's definitely a bigger emphasis on story this time around. This helps you feel way more connected to the events that lead up to whatever predicaments you're placed in. Plus there's even a twist or two in there that'll keep you guessing at the narrative as well as the puzzles.

So far I've only played three out of the six mission available and getting through those took me around ninety minutes total. This probably means that the I Expect You To Die 2 will have a similarly slim run-time to the first game.

Thankfully, just like the original, it seems to be more a case of quality of quantity here so while your spy career may be brief, it'll definitely be memorable and it looks to be a game you'll definitely want to spend your money(penny) on.

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