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HTC Vive headsets go on sale after Meta and PlayStation price hikes

Discounts of up to £150.

HTC Vive is running a sale across its VR hardware from 29th August to 11th September.

The timing of this couldn't have fallen (or been planned) better on HTC's part. Combined with the current cost of living crisis in the UK and the price hikes of both PlayStation 5 and Meta Quest 2, a discount is sorely welcomed.

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For UK customers, the full list of discounts includes:

  • VIVE Pro Eye Full Kit has a £150 discount to £949
  • VIVE Pro Full Kit has a £100 discount to £819
  • VIVE Pro HMD has a £100 discount to £399
  • VIVE Cosmos Elite Full Kit has a discount of £100 to £599
  • VIVE Cosmos Elite HMD has a discount of £100 to £349
  • VIVE Cosmos Full Kit has a £100 discount £399
  • VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap has a £30 discount to £69

All deals can be found on Vive's website.

The discount puts some of Vive's offerings on the same price point as Meta Quest 2 now, which had a price increase to £400/£500 last month to try and mitigate the losses Reality Labs, Meta's VR and metaverse division, is incurring.

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