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How Miiverse will police spoiler posts

And why it might act as the perfect game discussion forum.

Nintendo has detailed how it intends to keep players from posting game spoilers to the Wii U's Miiverse feature.

Speaking at an E3 roundtable, Wii U lead Katsuya Eguchi explained that players will be able to mark any posts they make as potentially including spoilers to warn other players from reading them.

And if a player spots a post that they believe includes spoilers they'll be able to mark it up for "Nintendo review".

Eguchi also explained that he hoped Miiverse would be a perfect forum for discussing games. He told the audience that he hated reading internet forums where people complained about games they've never played. On Miiverse, he added, you'll know that everyone posting about a title will definitely have played it.

As revealed in a webstream on Sunday, Miiverse is the Wii U's central social hub where you can interact with other players on a game-by-game basis.

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