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Home is beta until it hits "final quality"

Sony has "philosophical targets" to hit first.

PlayStation Home's current legal guardian, Peter Edward, has said the online social service thing will be in beta until it hits "a kind of final quality".

Asked how long the beta label would remain in an interview with Eurogamer, Edward said, "Until we're ready to not call it a beta any more. We don't really get that fixated about it. Anyone who wants to access Home can, there are no barriers to entry, so in that respect it's not like there's anything holding users back.

"We're still developing it, we're still working on it, we're still improving it. We'll remove the beta name when we're happy that it represents something that is not final, because it'll always be evolving, but at least represents a kind of final quality. We don't have a specific target for when that will be."

Sony doesn't have a list of criteria to meet before the beta label disappears either, Edward said. "We have more philosophical targets for when it should come out of beta," he explained.

Elsewhere in today's interview, Edward talked about Home's delayed launch, the reaction since, and issues like harassment and localisation.

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