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Hitman Roulette generates a random, probably very difficult Hitman mission

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The first season of this year's episodic Hitman has come to a close, but for those craving yet more murderous challenges Hitman roulette lets you spin the wheel to generate a randomised Hitman mission.

In our first randomly generated mission, I am the unlucky assassin charged with completing Paris's Showstopper level according to a punishingly specific set of criteria that would give even the most seasoned ICA agent pause. Will I succeed? There is literally one way to find out.

The Hitman series also makes an appearance in the latest Show of the Week, which is otherwise mostly about Steep, the new open-world extreme winter sports game in which you go skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting, paragliding and tumbling helplessly down a mountain in a ball of flailing limbs and ragdoll physics.

It brings to mind some of our other favourite ragdoll moments from other games, such as the bendy bodies of NPCs in Hitman 2, wobbly drunkenness in Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4, and Skate 3's notorious Hall of Meat, as we discover later in the show.

At least you experience all that painful ragdolling in a third-person view. A first-person perspective, on the other hand, may enhance your immersion, letting you experience your character's story from right behind their simulated eyeballs, but it also means seeing through the eyes of your character when they get set on fire, whacked in the groin, or surgery.

These first-person experiences would be much less traumatic seen from across the room, videogames, seriously. Consider in the video below the most harrowing moments we've had to endure in first person, if you dare.

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