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History Channel game revealed

Great Battles of Rome.

Black Bean Games has announced The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome for PC, PS2, and PSP, which was presumably a better name than Violent Battles Where Lots of People Died Really Horribly of Rome.

Developed by Slitherine Software, the game will merge action and strategy like we've never seen before. Except in, er, Rome: Total War.

There will be over 100 historically accurate battles to play, including Julius Caesar's conquest of Britain, and you'll be able to customise your army with different units, like war-elephants, before slugging it out in various different environments.

However, if strategy doesn't really blow your war-horn, then you'll be able to let the AI take control and immerse yourself in nothing but action.

The History Channel is also catapulting 30 clips from its archives into the package, which have been specially edited to guide you through the greatest story of all time. We don't really think that means better than Demolition Man, because nothing is, obviously.

Pop over to our gallery for the recently excavated screenshots for the game.

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