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Here's the first footage of Battlefield 2042's newest map Stranded

Plus, first details on Season Two's Battle Pass.

DICE has shown off new gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042's latest map: Stranded.

Set in the drained carcass of the Panama Canal, fitting the broader climate-apocalypse theme of the game, Stranded is a small-sized map with a focus on infantry combat. You can read more about the map and my initial impressions here.

You can also have look at how Breakthrough and Conquest 64 plays out on the map through gameplay captured during a hands-on session.

Battlefield 2042: Conquest on Stranded.

There are also new details about this season's Battle Pass, which will contain 100 tiers of content. Just like last season, the new specialist, weapons and vehicles will be accessible in the free tier.

Cosmetics like skins, the in-game premium currency Battlefield Coin, player cards, weapon charms and takedown moves will be in the paid premium tier.

Battlefield 2042: Breakthrough gameplay on Stranded.

Those of you with the Year One pass or purchased the Gold or Ultimate editions of the game will receive the premium pass at no additional cost. Otherwise, it will cost £7.98.

Also new to Season Two is the introduction of assignments, which will allow players to unlock gameplay-related items from previous seasons they may have previously missed.

Season Two launches tomorrow.

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