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Here's an extended look at Returnal's Tower of Sisyphus

Death is inevitable.

An extended gameplay trailer gives great detail into Returnal's new Tower of Sisyphus mode.

As announced at the recent PlayStation State of Play, the mode arrives as part of the Ascension free DLC that also includes campaign co-op.

What follows details what to expect in the Tower of Sisyphus, so spoilers ahead.

The Tower of Sisyphus is an endless mode which tasks players with ascending multiple floors by clearing waves of enemies, like a "greatest hits remix" of the main game.

Just as with the main game, Selene can increase her weapon proficiency and health through pickups and gain access to new weapons and items periodically on specific safe floors.

However, there are some twists that ensure this isn't just a pure arcade-style mode.

Players begin in the Tower Atrium, which slowly unlocks as Selene progresses. Story is delivered here, with Selene commenting on changes.

One of those is a hospital bed, which transports Selene to new first-person sections similar to the house in the main game. These sections promise to delve deeper into the game's story and can be replayed to uncover further secrets.

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Elsewhere, the trailer shows off one of the new super weapons that can be acquired, named the Discorder. These are limited use but incredibly powerful weapons that should prove handy against the bosses.

Speaking of which, the trailer also showed a new boss: Algo, named after Algos who personifies physical and emotional pain in Greek mythology. It's a fitting name for a horrifyingly tentacled boss spewing waves of bullet hell.

Defeating the boss marks the end of that phase, with players able to spend their Obolites on upgrades. The tower evolves as the player progresses - it's far more nightmarish than just a single structure. Players are challenged to increase their score by rising ever higher; plus a score multiplier urges you ever onwards.

Still, death is inevitable. Eventually the odds are stacked so unfavourably against you that progressing will require a tremendous amount of skill.

The Ascension update is due on 22nd March. Check out the full trailer below.

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