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Will this Making Of series about that new Leisure Suit Larry game change your mind?

NSFW. Or kids. Or anyone, possibly.

In its on-going quest to convince you that 2018 is the perfect time for another Leisure Suit Larry game, developer CrazyBunch has released a three-part developer diary series.

The latest in the point-and-click series, Wet Dreams Don't Dry - scheduled to release next month on 7th November - sees "Larry move straight from the 80s into the 21st century. In times of #metoo and online dating via smartphone, Larry has to find his way around".

The featurettes include a peek at the game in action and interviews with the development team that discuss the challenges of working on the series, resurrecting such a retro - and dated - character who is apparently "turned on when women choke". So that's nice.

Despite the bright colours and cutesy graphics, you might not want to watch this in work or with the kids around, but the main theme teaser video is just about PG, so here's that:

Thanks (I think?!), PC Gamer.

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Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry

PS4, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

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