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Heavy Weapon next on XBLA

Tanks very much.

PopCap's side-scrolling shooter is this Wednesday's delectable download from Live Arcade.

It will lighten your (virtual) wallet by 800 Microsoft points and will be available from 9am GMT onwards.

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank is a side-scrolling shooter along the lines of Contra, in which players take on enemies in tanks, jeeps, fighter jets, helicopters and other vehicles.

There are 19 Mission levels to batter through, either on your own or with a friend in co-op; Survival Arms Race and War Party modes for up to four players to, well, survive - locally or online; and Boss Rush, an exclusive XBLA addition that puts you up against all of the bosses in succession.

As with other titles Arcade titles, sound and graphics have been tweaked, plus there's full HD widescreen support.

PopCap's previous XBLA games include Bejeweled 2 and Zuma Deluxe.

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Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

Xbox 360

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