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HBO airing Second Life docu

Made entirely in-game.

American cable channel HBO has bought the screening rights to a documentary created entirely within Second Life.

Given the snappy title Molotov's Dispatches in Search of the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey, it follows the adventures of an character called Molotov Alava as he travels through the virtual world learning about the social interactions that go on there.

Veteran director of the piece, Douglas Gayeton, believes HBO will submit it for an Academy Award in the short-subject category - if he doesn't say so himself.

The feature lasts around 35 minutes and is expected to air sometime next year.

Second Life is a massively-multiplayer online world, where real people can create digital lives and interact with each other, spending real money and creating real profits.

It continues to attract lots of attention from mainstream media, thanks to its user base of 9 million people worldwide, and prompted The BBC to broadcast an entire episode of The Money Program there from an in-game cinema back in May.

Head over to the official website to find out more. But be careful, there's no turning back.

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