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Halo Waypoint to "aggregate everything"

May be for Xbox Live Gold only.

Microsoft's new Halo destination for Xbox Live, Halo Waypoint, is intended to "aggregate everything that you would want to watch from the Halo universe", but it's also "a lot more ambitious than that".

That's according to Frank O'Connor, formerly of Bungie and now of Microsoft's internal Halo silo, 343 Industries, who was speaking at Comic-Con (thanks Kotaku).

"It's going to evolve in features and functionality to make it the prime destination for the Halo fan," O'Connor said, tracking Halo gameplay, Achievements and other stuff. A bit like Bungie.net except, er, owned by Microsoft.

O'Connor also said that Microsoft was wrestling with who should have access to the Waypoint destination, which will be available from the Xbox 360 dashboard.

"Certainly, if you're a Gold member you're going to get access to all of that experience," he said.

"We want everyone to have this same experience, but the question is, if there's multiplayer features that are technically connected to Gold, it's easier to deal with. There's a lot of reasons that Gold makes sense."

Halo Waypoint will also provided access to the newly announced Halo anime films, although O'Connor admitted they would probably not go out at the same time they do on regular television.

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