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Halo franchise to expand in "many different directions"

But MGS still coy on Peter Jackson project.

Microsoft Game Studios hopes to expand the Halo franchise in "many different directions", including new genres and entertainment not game-related at all.

"We tend to view the franchise side of Halo as an entertainment property, and something that we hope to expand in many different directions: both through additional genres of gaming and additional ways to tell the story that may not be game-related at all," Jason Pace, Halo Wars lead producer and Halo franchise overseer, told Eurogamer.

"So I think it's fair to say we're always looking for new opportunities, new genres to tell the story in. And whenever we find a great fit we'll pursue it."

Jason Pace will help bring Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST to market this year. And, when pushed about the future, he told us: "Those are the only projects I can discuss at the moment".

But what about the Peter Jackson Halo project Microsoft announced at X06 and has been recruiting for ever since?

"That I'm not at liberty to comment on," said Pace.

A Halo Wars demo will be available from Xbox Live Marketplace from 5th February, before the full game launches exclusively for Xbox 360 on 27th February.

Look out for our Halo Wars Eurogamer TV Show soon to find out more.

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