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Halo: Reach demo released

Single-player, multiplayer, co-op.

Microsoft has released a demo for Halo: Reach.

It offers the single-player Long Night of Solace mission, the competitive multiplayer Powerhouse map and an unnamed co-op Firefight mission.

Halo: Reach launched September 2010 and became the fastest-selling Microsoft game of all time.

This week, MS will discount Halo: Reach to £40 on Xbox Live Games on Demand. Most online shops offer it cheaper, though.

Eurogamer awarded Halo: Reach a whopping 9/10. "Reach is an encore, a victory lap, a crowd-pleasing last hurrah for a series that most definitely won't end here, but will just as definitely never be the same again," wrote Oli Welsh.

15 minutes of a Halo: Reach Firefight.

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Halo: Reach

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