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Halo Infinite's Warthog is a little buggy

Tiny turret.

I'm having a blast playing Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle mode this weekend. I'm also having a blast watching some of the silly bugs that have emerged from the shooter's technical preview.

Before I go on, I want to stress that Halo Infinite runs beautifully on my Xbox Series S, and pretty much all my games have been free of glitches and bugs. But I just had to cover this particular bug because, well, it's so cute. And funny.

A look at how all versions of the Halo Infinite multiplayer test played out, based on last weekend's showing.

There's an odd bug in the game right now that appears to shrink some of the vehicles down to child size. Really.

Here are some examples that have emerged since last weekend, starting with a tiny Warthog. Halo Kart, anyone?

Redditor ImJaredH got the 'tiny hog' bug and posted a couple of pictures, below. "We all had a good laugh! If this is available in custom games then that would be pure hilarity," they said.

And here's a cute baby Mongoose.

The gooselet comfirmed from r/halo

Then there's this hilarious video with a surprise child-size Spartan gearing up for a multiplayer match. Is it the same bug spreading like a virus? Maybe Cortana's to blame?

Awww a baby sparten from r/halo

It's a harmless bug, of course, and I'm sure 343 will stamp it out before Halo Infinite comes out in December. Until then, keep an eye out - you may trip over a Warthog out there.

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