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Halo Infinite's latest hotfix tackles Quick Resume issues on Xbox Series X/S

Missing rewards should now be restored.

343 Industries has released a new Halo Infinite hotfix, aiming to tackle Quick Resume issues reported by Xbox Series X/S players.

Last week saw 343 Industries warning against using the Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume feature during Halo Infinite's campaign after players began reporting that earned cosmetics were failing to show up in multiplayer inventories - an issue the developer explained was caused by Quick Resume failing to get sessions back online.

At the time, Halo community director Brian Jarrard told players, "I recommend not continuing a Quick Resume session and making sure you're online before venturing into Zeta Halo", adding that "the team is aware [of the issue] and we will eventually have a retroactive fix (you will get the cosmetics you've earned)."

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Five days on, 343 has released its first update aiming to tackle the problem. According to the patch notes accompanying the developer's 15th December hotfix, players can expect to see "improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X/S consoles". As a result, players should see "quicker and more stable reconnections to our services".

The hotfix also addresses the related issue preventing cosmetics from showing up in multiplayer inventories, with 343 saying these should now unlock "consistently". Additionally, earned customisations should now be retroactively unlocked for players that didn't receive them previously. Similarly, players can expect improved reliability for the unlocking of Xbox achievements, and any missing achievements should now unlock after installing the update and continuing the campaign.

Despite these early hiccups, Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole reckoned Halo Infinite's campaign was well worth checking out in his review, awarding it a Recommended badge and calling it a "largely successful jumping off point for Halo's bold new future."

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