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Halo 5 tinkerer made an awesome Zelda Link to the Past Grifball map

And you can play it now.

We're not used to seeing Halo and Zelda cross over, but a Halo 5 Forge tinkerer has done just that.

Forge user "Ryouji Gunblade" (via Reddit) has created a map inside the first-person shooter inspired by the wonderful The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

The video, below, from YouTuber iKampfer, shows off Pyramid of Power, a cool-looking Grifball (football with hammers and swords) map made in the style of A Link to the Past's final boss room.

The map shows off how the Triforce has been incorporated into the design of the room. But the best things are the intro to the map, done in the style of the Link to the Past title screen, and the outro, which is inspired by the scene where Link gets the Triforce after defeating Ganon.

The map plays like a normal Grifball map, except you can fall of the side. To download the map, follow this Halo Waypoint link.

Pyramid of Power isn't the first Zelda-themed Halo 5 map created by Ryouji Gunblade. He's also done a map inspired by Ocarina of Time's Temple of Time.

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