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Halo 3 most popular on Live


Halo 3 is already the most popular game on 360, according to the amount of unique users playing the game while connected to Live.

The list of our current favourites was published on Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb's blog - the director of programming for Xbox Live - and saw Bungie's latest overtake previous champ Gears of War to claim the top spot.

Further down titles like Rainbow Six Vegas continued to perform well, as did the Call of Duty 4 beta and, subsequently, previous instalment Call of Duty 3.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo also made the list, joining BioShock, Forza 2, Madden NFL 08 and Guitar Hero II to round out the top ten.

Elsewhere Sonic 2 proved to be the most popular Live Arcade title of recent times, while Halo 2 retained its long-standing seat on the Xbox throne.

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Halo 3

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