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Halo 3 co-op confirmed

Four players over Live.

Bungie has finally confirmed that Halo 3 will feature four player co-operative play over Xbox Live and System Link.

The news follows much thumb-twiddling by the developer over what exactly it would be offering the salivating crowds in late September. We are suitably pleased.

Co-operative games will be started by selecting Campaign mode then choosing your type of network. Once you've created a lobby you'll wait for up-to three friends to join, and start once you're happy with the numbers. You can either start from the beginning of a map or from one of your saved checkpoints. It'[s worth noting you can't join once the game is under way.

Split-screen play for two of you is still included, and you can join two others playing like this over Live or System Link, too.

You won't all be Master Chief, either - Bungie wanted to keep that aspect of the story intact. Instead, player two will be the Arbiter, while three and four will choose one of two new Elite characters.

These are N'Tho 'Sraom, a Sangheili, who is the youngest member of the special team with no real ties outside of family relationships. He's furious at the politicians who let Jiralhanae packs replace Sangheili units, and also admires us humans for our resolve and audacity. Bless.

The other chap is aSangheili, too, called Usze 'Taham. His father was rather handy with a sword and taught him to fight rather well, helping him get through War College with honours. He was offered a place on the Royal Guard but declined, twice, and his attitude has led to punitive actions against him and even assassination attempts.

After the dissolution of the Covenant he was approached by the Ascetics to become one of their liaisons within the Navy.

Each character will be equal in power, just look different and start with varying weapons.

Halo 3 is due for release in Europe on 26th September. We're excited. Pop over to our Halo 3 gamepage to see why.

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