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Halo 2 Vista slips

Still on the horizon.

Microsoft has let fly that Halo 2 for Windows Vista will now be available on 8th June.

It had been previously expected as early as 18th May, but the publisher turned a blind eye earlier in the month when retailers forecast a date slip.

Halo 2 Vista is a PC remake of the phenomenally successful Xbox title from 2004. It will feature new maps and an editor to create your own, as well as some graphical spit-shine and other tweaked bits and pieces. Your health bar is no longer visible on-screen, for instance, and your health will now regenerate slowly if you're not being mutilated.

There's also an expanded selection of vehicles to zip around in, and more than 14 human and alien weapons to do the killing with. Multiplayer fiends can enjoy the deathmatch thrills on Live Anywhere, something Microsoft hopes will become as popular as Halo 2 on Xbox Live was, no doubt.

It's bound to be a faithful remake of a great game, but with Halo 3 just around the corner, we can't help but think it's little bit insignificant.

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