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Guitar Hero open to other music genres - RedOctane exec

If fans demand it.

Guitar Hero may very well embrace new genres of music in future rather than sticking with rock, RedOctane head of publishing Dusty Welch has told Eurogamer.

"There are numerous genres of rock music, including pop, and we're certainly looking into exploring all of our options to continue bringing what our fans want, and their demand will ultimately determine what direction the franchise will take," he said.

Recent press reports have suggested that Guitar Hero will continue this year with a 1980s edition, although RedOctane has yet to comment and Welch wouldn't be drawn on the speculation.

"It has always been a top priority for us to keep the content fresh and exciting, and our fans should expect nothing less from Guitar Hero every time they pick up the guitar to rock out."

Welch was speaking to us in light of recent news that Guitar Hero is now in the hands of Tony Hawk developer Neversoft, and he also confirmed that RedOctane will be parting ways with original developer Harmonix.

"At the moment, we're still working with Harmonix on certain projects until completion, though moving forward, Neversoft will be taking over the development duties for the Guitar Hero franchise," he said.

For more on Guitar Hero's fortunes, Welch's expectations for the series in future and to find out which is his favourite track, check out the rest of the interview elsewhere on Eurogamer.

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