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Guild Wars 2 is for the fans

Won't try for a new crowd.

Guild Wars 2's top designers have said that the game will be one for existing fans, rather than a different game trying to entice a new audience.

"We're not trying to make a different game that appeals to a different audience," Ben Miller, lead designer for the game, told Eurogamer this week. "We want Guild Wars 2 to be the game Guild Wars players want to play."

The PC sequel was unveiled late last week, and is due to enter beta testing sometime in 2008. It gives Miller and team the chance to go redo the ideas that did or didn't work in the first game, to create the "ultimate Guild Wars experience".

"We've been working on Guild Wars now for quite a few years, and realised many of the directions we tried worked out really well, while some didn't work out the way we wanted them to," Miller added. "So now we have an opportunity to go back and redo some of those decisions, to really make the game Guild Wars could have been all along."

And while the new game will feel familiar to existing Guild Wars players, there are some big changes and new features planned, such as a more persistent world, a choice of races and new companion characters.

So make sure you join us tomorrow as we ask Ben Miller and Erik Flannum all about the upcoming sequel and what we can expect to see.

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